I have posted this before, but because it's 26 years today since my beautiful friend Ineka died, I thought I'd do a re-post. She deserves it. I was 10 when Ineka died and my life changed forever. There's so much to write about Ineka, but here's just one story. * I have always been captivated … Continue reading Ineka

A protest to protect my LIFE – tomorrow night

A protest to protect my LIFE - tomorrow night This is really fucking urgent. Tomorrow night, I'm going to do my damndest to be at the Convention Centre in Brisbane to fight for my doctors; to ensure that they are there for me and the thousands of other people they save day in, day out in … Continue reading A protest to protect my LIFE – tomorrow night

The Urban List

The Urban List Eliza Gower writes a sublime piece about me here back in 2011! Needless to say a lot has changed - particularly career wise, and instead of the The Bowery, I tend to hang at The End in West End 🙂

Follow ‘chasing away salt water’ on Facebook

Follow 'chasing away salt water' on Facebook Facecrack. Facebook - some would argue a necessary evil. While I don't have a 'personal' page on Facebook, I do have a blog page called 'chasing away salt water' you can follow at your peril leisure. There's collections of thoughts, photos, super gruesome videos (check the latest - it's … Continue reading Follow ‘chasing away salt water’ on Facebook