My summer of love

Earlier in the week, someone asked me what I've been up to. 'Reading, writing, stuff ...' But mainly reading and writing, hanging out with my sister and my nephews, working, planning, walking and dreaming. It's true - I'm an abject failure of a social butterfly, although I did actually go OUT Friday night to the opening … Continue reading My summer of love

Musings from Barcaldine

Thursday 8th November, 2001 Stock and forty degree anarchy Here I am at Cumberland wrestling with a futile hope that the clouds thick and full of promise might crack open and sweep out the rain. Then me – killing time with blue funny face icy poles to remedy the forty-three degree hell for a few … Continue reading Musings from Barcaldine

The man who stole my heart

The man who stole my heart I've met, loved and lost some incredibly beautiful people in my life; something that goes with the territory of having a terminal illness. But that's the map of life. You love and you lose. You fall down and you get up again. Not long ago, I met a friend's … Continue reading The man who stole my heart