The man who stole my heart

The man who stole my heart I've met, loved and lost some incredibly beautiful people in my life; something that goes with the territory of having a terminal illness. But that's the map of life. You love and you lose. You fall down and you get up again. Not long ago, I met a friend's … Continue reading The man who stole my heart

Poem in Cordite Poetry Review

As promised, here is the link to my poem in the latest Cordite Poetry Review. Cordite's guest poetry editor for 'Interlocutor' is prolifically gifted poet Libby Hart, who has been extensively published. Add poetry prizes, grants, fellowships and residencies to the mix and you can gather some idea of Libby's handsome collection of writing. Here … Continue reading Poem in Cordite Poetry Review

Mutiny in a backwood

We sleep with our own derision stalking upon sleight of penitence. A troubadour buckles down, trapping a moorhen
 - strangling it then unfurling its wings as one would lay out the wings of a Ulysses butterfly.   He sidesteps a flannel flower, pushing through dense backwoods. His face rubicund, belly just as stout; the bird’s … Continue reading Mutiny in a backwood

where this has nothing to do with me

Reaching for the wind in the branches, tickles fingertips like a feather on your thigh. In the water, you plumb the sea for cloaks of stingrays - the ripples cradling your body. You lay there until your feet and hands looked like crumpled paper, body a breathing corpse having  been diving for coins like a … Continue reading where this has nothing to do with me