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Haiku at the hospital

Waiting. I do a lot of it. Instead of people watching or reading, today I wrote down these during an emergency clinic appointment. I’ve been a little generous with the traditional 5,7,5 form of haiku. After all, I’m no Basho …

Brooding black cockatoo,

beak smooth like old rosin,

honeyed and forgotten.


Tawny frogmouth,

cowering in her loves absence.

Angry and sedated.


I hear our love.

Decibels on the wind,

tired limbs in the morning.

When two is better than one

Is there anything better than having a parcel arrive on your doorstep? Well, yes there is. It’s when books, or more specifically poetry, bounces into your hands.

Husband and wife and ridiculously talented Brisbane based poets, Graham Nunn and Julie Beveridge have, both this year published a collection of poetry each. I’m in for a poetry pornathon treat tonight and over the weekend as I get word drunk on Graham’s ‘The First 30 and other poems, and Julie’s home {sic}.

Graham’s collection focuses on the journey with his firstborn son. From what I’ve read so far, these poems are tender and bone-crushingly honest. The love for his wife and son is palpable and striking. It is radiant.

Julie’s collection – a follow-up to her book of haibun, Home is Where the Heartache Is – is an unflinching and unapologetic collection of poems, haiku and her trademark haibun. As wonderful as her previous collection is, Julie’s hit the ground running with her sharp observational skills and cutting prose.

Lucky as I am, I was deeply moved by what Graham and Julie inscribed inside the  books  …



Now go and do yourself a favour, support your local poets and buy a copy post-haste!


More of Mr. Nunn’s poetry can be found at Graham Nunn AKA Another Lost Shark

two haiku


A charcoal morning

polished into a rhinestone,

Glen Campbell style.



Coloured envelopes

swimming in coffee beans.

People take them home.