Haiku at the hospital

Waiting. I do a lot of it. Instead of people watching or reading, today I wrote down these during an emergency clinic appointment. I've been a little generous with the traditional 5,7,5 form of haiku. After all, I'm no Basho ... Brooding black cockatoo, beak smooth like old rosin, honeyed and forgotten. * Tawny frogmouth, … Continue reading Haiku at the hospital

Poetry write-in – THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!

'Every single soul is a poem' - Michael Franti This Sunday night, I'm hosting a Poetry Warfare 'write-in'. Wherever you are in the world - be it your bedroom, your favourite café, the bath or within the deep recesses of your bed, I'd love it if you could join me by writing a little (or … Continue reading Poetry write-in – THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!