Eight years in remission – viva la vulva!

I never thought I would see another eight years. Really, I didn't. After my cancer surgery in 2007, my oncologist was certain that more cancer would grow, that the surgery I had wouldn't hold, and that I'd die. Thankfully that hasn't happened, and today marks eight years since I underwent the surgery to save my life. … Continue reading Eight years in remission – viva la vulva!

My night without armour

May-August 1998 I was in the dying room. You know the one. It's quiet. People slip in and out as though they were never there. Festering in a bed for three months, I had grown tired. My arms were the shape of soft baguettes, peppered with freckles like sesame seeds. Lips, a permanent shade of blue. Colourless … Continue reading My night without armour

Happy Birthday, Dad ♥

Today is my Dad's birthday. Words do not come easily when I speak or write of my loved ones. Sometimes I don't know where to begin and if I do begin, it's often impossible to know where to end. So I will say this ... I love you, Dad. You have loved me unconditionally, fought for me … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dad ♥

Peace, love and firearms

I often say I'm like the son my father never had.  I love cars, and Dad has some beauties. I love driving my Jeep, and can't imagine ever driving an automatic anything. I love speed - cars, boats, planes. And another thing ... I. Love. Firearms. Always have and after today, I undoubtedly always will. Until … Continue reading Peace, love and firearms