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West End Magazine

And so the winter edition of the über glossy West End magazine has gone to print and is madly circulating. On pages 24-25 (yes, a SPREAD), you’ll find a feature about my journey thus far. It’s impeccably written, so I’m told and the magazine is a publication that celebrates all things South Brisbane – culture, people, food, fashion and local business. I’m honoured that I’m  a part of this edition which is their biggest yet. My good friend and kick arse photographer, Torsten Baumann snapped the colour images, while the black and white photo of my sister and I saying goodbye before I went to theatre for my transplant is by the indomitable Alicia Alit-Trevatt. Here is Tor’s photo essay about me from earlier in the month.

You can pick up a copy of West End Magazine around South Brisbane haunts or buy it at a newsagent. Ever since I moved to 4101, I’ve always looked forward to reading this magazine – it really is luscious.

Oh wait – here it is! 

Here’s my contributor photo. Hunt down a copy, have a coffee and enjoy!

all things sweet

There is a little place with a big wooden door that jingles when you open it. As you walk into this little room, your ears are tickled by the crackly voice of Billie Holiday or a scatting Ella Fitzgerald and comforting smiles from ladies in lovely dresses and pearls slow your heart beat down and you feel your breath soften.

The tables are set perfectly – all white – and there are chandeliers and a wall of tea. Sitting down, you’re served with a mini cup of tea – usually one of my favourites, French Earl Grey – and you’re greeted with kindness and respect. Welcome to Queenies – a traditional teahouse in Nundah that feeds not only your belly with its sweet and savoury delights, but a place peppered with people who know how to nurture your soul.

Whatever emptiness you arrived with will be gone by the time you’re ready to leave this place of refuge. Which you won’t – you won’t ever want to leave this enchanting place that serves ribbon sandwiches, perfect cheesecake, tea and so much more in the way of comfort.


slices of comfort

on white plates speak to me in

sugar twists and nectarous blooms.


pastel cups and teapots

gush colour into our eyes –

our bellies heavy with love.


we breathe as the door

jingles open – a refuge

from dusty tracks of construction.