I am an addict

I posted a rant on my chasing away salt water page earlier today, much of which I've included in this piece. It involves the Cystic Fibrosis community - my community, if you will - and my burning question was this: when will people start taking responsibility for their lives? Why are there GoFundMe pages being created to ask for … Continue reading I am an addict

Musings from Barcaldine

Thursday 8th November, 2001 Stock and forty degree anarchy Here I am at Cumberland wrestling with a futile hope that the clouds thick and full of promise might crack open and sweep out the rain. Then me – killing time with blue funny face icy poles to remedy the forty-three degree hell for a few … Continue reading Musings from Barcaldine

Monday blues

After not feeling too well throughout the week, I had a magical day on Friday. It was my bestie Bec's birthday, where her husband whipped up some amazing coffee and birthday morning tea treats for us very lucky ladies. There were happy children, friends who I hadn't seen in a long time (I even met … Continue reading Monday blues

The turning of tides

I can feel the ground beneath my feet opening up to greet me; as though it is ready for me to step in and entangle me with its roots. I am a very different woman than who I was the last time I was out here in central Queensland. Five years ago I was broken … Continue reading The turning of tides

When silence is deafening

'Silence is safer than speech' - Epictetus Silence. Do we ever truly know what it is? What of the white noise that sweeps over our everyday lives, or the incidental noise that punctures the air? What does silence look like? This photo I took today is what silence looks like for me, out here. Thousands of miles … Continue reading When silence is deafening

Plan F

I'm a full-time healthcare provider. To myself. People assume that you're cured after transplant, and that you go on your merry way with your phenomenal donor lungs and you live forever and ever with just the odd complication, sail through life, find a partner, have a lovely courtship, get engaged, get married in between a … Continue reading Plan F

Trapped, or The first and last time I’ll ever write about this

There are far more certainties in the world than death and taxes. There is bad coffee, love, storms in the summer, things you cannot have, and then there's choosing the wrong people for ourselves. In 2008 - not long after I had fought so furiously for my life and survived an eight-hour surgery where I … Continue reading Trapped, or The first and last time I’ll ever write about this

sacred places: a timely repost

In May 1999, I lost one of my dearest friends to Cystic Fibrosis. Her name was Meagan Walker and I thought I’d best provide some back story for you, so here’s a post from my memoir about beautiful Meags I wrote back in 2009. I'm heading out to Barcaldine - specifically Cumberland - Meagan's home … Continue reading sacred places: a timely repost

outback musings

After a morning of watching cattle of all ages, colours and genders being herded through clanging metal gates so they could be tagged and vaccinated, the sounds and smells took me back to the times I've spent on my friends cattle station in Barcaldine. Meagan, a dear friend I had known for most of my … Continue reading outback musings

stock and forty degree anarchy

From 'A trip of infinite sadness and regret', written in 2001 at 'Cumberland' station in Barcaldine. Please excuse any flowery writing. Thursday 8th November, 2001 Here I am at Cumberland wrestling with a futile hope that the clouds thick and full of promise might crack open and open up with rain. Then me - killing … Continue reading stock and forty degree anarchy