Ronn Moss and the launch of my website!

Last week was an incredibly exciting week. I launched my website with no fanfare which you can see here. I am so grateful to my friend Lynn from Lynn Priestley Design. She is a dear friend and an amazing artist, and without her help, as I perhaps said in an earlier post, my website would have looked … Continue reading Ronn Moss and the launch of my website!

Red of hair, fair of heart, strong of spirit

One year ago the world lost a truly beautiful soul …

bruises you can touch

I can’t tell you exactly what happened Thursday night. But I can tell you that I saw a friend take her last breath. A friend who is supposed to turn twenty-one in twelve days. I will write about everything, but I won’t be sharing it, because turning off your loved ones life support is one of the most horrific things you can ever do, and now I’ve been there twice when two families have experienced it. And once is already enough for a lifetime.

I can say that I was with a beautiful and spirited family as their daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend passed from this life and into her next. It’s an incredibly intimate experience. So delicate. Being present for the family meeting with the Intensive Care specialist who tells you that your friend was declared brain-dead earlier during the day and that no, none of her organs…

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Can I write the ending?

Now sixty-seven souls …

bruises you can touch

You could surmise that much of my writing focuses on death and dying, which means I’m writing about life and living in equal measure. Don’t mistake this for my being all morbid, for I am neither of these things. Death and taxes are a certainty for the everyman (and woman), but for me, death is just as meaningful as life. Of course life and death are inextricably linked, but for me the connection is to a point, existential.


I go through stages where that mulch of memories of the life and death of a particular friend is branded into my brain. This is usually accompanied by night terrors, but I am  grateful I haven’t had any for some time. It got to a point in 2009 where I was too afraid to go to sleep because I feared where my dreams would take me. The sting of grief is…

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Spiritual Care Conference 2014

bruises you can touch

I arrived in Adelaide this morning, and while the conference and workshops begin tomorrow, there’s a brief welcome this afternoon.

I was only dreaming of attending my first spiritual care conference a few months ago, and now I’m here. My friend and mentor Tenzin Chodron is one of the keynote speakers, as is Bruce Rumbold, who is in charge of palliative care studies at La Trobe (do I behave or take him to the bar??) I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. Peace out.



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