When two is better than one

Is there anything better than having a parcel arrive on your doorstep? Well, yes there is. It's when books, or more specifically poetry, bounces into your hands. Husband and wife and ridiculously talented Brisbane based poets, Graham Nunn and Julie Beveridge have, both this year published a collection of poetry each. I'm in for a poetry … Continue reading When two is better than one

C.I.P – chapbook in progress

How do you choose from ten thousand words of poetry and prose that will be printed into a 36 page chapbook? #fuckyeahpoetrylearningcurve# Dilemma/quandary/mission impossible. Somewhere on my lounge room floor is a rug that I can only just see because my floor is covered in paper, index cards, books and serviettes which are bursting with … Continue reading C.I.P – chapbook in progress