Endings, beginnings …

A few months ago, I was driving to see a client, and as I always do when I'm on the Inner City Bypass, I quickly looked to my left where the Royal Children's Hospital is. Or I should say, was. When I'd finished my shift, I drove back to the Royal, parked my car and got as … Continue reading Endings, beginnings …

Why I’m NOT sorry

Today, my friend - the other Carly, Carly Findlay - wrote a shut up amazing piece about apologising and how she no longer wants to apologise for what is beyond her control. Shortly after reading Carly's piece, I saw the photo Annie Leibovitz took of Amy Schumer in all of her near-naked and non-apologetic glory. I … Continue reading Why I’m NOT sorry

When silence is deafening

'Silence is safer than speech' - Epictetus Silence. Do we ever truly know what it is? What of the white noise that sweeps over our everyday lives, or the incidental noise that punctures the air? What does silence look like? This photo I took today is what silence looks like for me, out here. Thousands of miles … Continue reading When silence is deafening

Destination reached

Here are a few shots I took today when I arrived on the property. The garden is dedicated to my friend Meagan Walker and on Sunday (Father's Day), a big and rambunctious group of us will congregate at the Longreach train station from where we will walk 11km to Meagan's Aunt Midge's house to celebrate … Continue reading Destination reached

9 1/2 weeks, Princess Diana and trampoline competitions

I've always dreamed wildly; the dreams being intensely vivid ever since I can remember. I've even dreamed about people who have 'visited' me. When I was six years old, my friend Rachel floated through my window and sat on my bed. I knew she had been very sick, and possibly knew she was dying. Rachel … Continue reading 9 1/2 weeks, Princess Diana and trampoline competitions

Feet, jesus, spooning dogs, goats and Birkenstocks

Well, is it? ^ The 'Woomba ^ Post Pent-Warming ^ Pent got warmed. Cannulation. ALWAYS have perfect peds in case of emergency. *a brief intermission* Yeah. Eff off, Jesus. I do have *unreal* feet. Surely something had to go my way ... My balcony. Magically warm on the peds in winter. With Billy Bob in … Continue reading Feet, jesus, spooning dogs, goats and Birkenstocks