The perils of writing a book that can (but doesn’t always) mess with your head

You know that you’re dedicated ready to be committed when you’re writing a book and the following things happen. Things that don't seem to perturb you, even though they should. - you conduct all business from bed. Phone calls, emails, conference calls, interviews, reading coroners reports and court transcripts, skype sex or any sex for that matter. - … Continue reading The perils of writing a book that can (but doesn’t always) mess with your head

The climb

I dig getting parcels and such in the mail, and yesterday was an especially fruitful day. My friend and fellow poet, Derek Motion's first collection of poetry arrived. 'Lollyology' has poems that have appeared in esteemed writing journals such as the ilk of Overland, The Best Australian Poems 2010 and Cordite Poetry Review, to name … Continue reading The climb

C.I.P – chapbook in progress

How do you choose from ten thousand words of poetry and prose that will be printed into a 36 page chapbook? #fuckyeahpoetrylearningcurve# Dilemma/quandary/mission impossible. Somewhere on my lounge room floor is a rug that I can only just see because my floor is covered in paper, index cards, books and serviettes which are bursting with … Continue reading C.I.P – chapbook in progress

Be afraid, be very afraid …

My friend and Walkley award-winning journalist, Sally Eeles has put together this rather awesome video of what I get up to as poet in residence at Blackstar Coffee. I'm humbled that Sal would want to create a piece about me and my writing. Yeah, I know - weird, right? Anyway, enjoy all of my 'umm-ing' … Continue reading Be afraid, be very afraid …

Poetry Welfare month

At the beginning of Poetry Warfare month, a new and lovely friend with one of the strongest social consciences I've ever known, suggested I do a Poetry Welfare month for May. I connected with it faster than a New York minute because I've been wanting to reach out to my community on a grass-roots level, … Continue reading Poetry Welfare month

Poetry Warfare month at Blackstar

It's war. It really is. I'm waging war with words and a whole lot of verse, but it's only friendly fire. The idea is that I'll be writing at least a couple of hundred words of poetry every day for the duration of April. I'm also planning to poetry bomb Blackstar - that's right; poetry … Continue reading Poetry Warfare month at Blackstar