Song of the Week #1

I listen to a lot of music. A LOT. Considering I spend so much of my time at my computer slaving writing, I’m often on the hunt for music that’s affecting and makes me break out in blankets of gooseflesh. I remember when I was about nineteen, my mum said that I listened to far too much melancholic music than was normal for a girl my age. Perhaps.

The Wilderness of Manitoba have a sound that’s reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, so I was always going to fall hard for them. Their song ‘Hermit‘ is off their first album ‘When you left the fire.’ I love the title because these words are sung so delicately during ‘Hermit’, and that’s the best way I can describe their sound – delicate. All the best art makes you feel something, and TWOM certainly make me feel all the things.

Today marks my inaugural ‘Song of the Week’ post. Each week, I’m going post a song, but here’s the thing – this might get daggy. Like really daggy. There might be some Daryl Braithwaite, John Denver or Player, so prepare yourselves. I’m going to share songs that mean something to me; where there’s a memory or sensory experience attached (or it could be that I just really fucking love a particular song). I’m also going answer a very simple criteria: Why does this song move me?

For this week’s song, it’s a combination of the lyrics, the harmonica, the cello (which appeals to my own bow brandishing days), and the harmonies. This song has a beautiful and unimpeded tenderness about it, and I’m all for a little tenderness. Or a lot. The sound is quite pared back – a little sparse, if you will – and it makes my bones ache in a ‘I want you close to me so I can wrap my legs around you and pash you all day’ kind of way. It’s that kind of song. It’s romantic and dreamy. Oh, and CELLO which is one of my favourite instruments. I played cello and piano for about seven years from primary and into high school and after my transplant I started taking lessons again with my old teacher. The feeling of bow to string is a hard one to slip from your memory; the mellow, sonorous sound travels through your body like a mood. Enjoy.

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