Haiku at the hospital

Waiting. I do a lot of it. Instead of people watching or reading, today I wrote down these during an emergency clinic appointment. I’ve been a little generous with the traditional 5,7,5 form of haiku. After all, I’m no Basho …

Brooding black cockatoo,

beak smooth like old rosin,

honeyed and forgotten.


Tawny frogmouth,

cowering in her loves absence.

Angry and sedated.


I hear our love.

Decibels on the wind,

tired limbs in the morning.

9 thoughts on “Haiku at the hospital

      1. Thank you, darling heart. I’m feeling better (bar a pretty shocking headache), but I haven’t heard anything from the hospital, so hopefully my tests have come back negative for any nasty virus! XO

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