New year pastoral

Loose udders and mucus plugs

signals new life on the grass and clods of dirt.

Lilies dance on water the way flies hover over fresh meat.

A heifer drops its snout into the trough to drink –

not greedily, but more delicately,

sucking on the water in a docile way – fickle for a beast.

Pebbles, clumps of wild grass and cow shit

pattern a track to the paddock where a sabre calf

feasts on the berm of the grid;

lifts its head, turns towards its tail, then stares at me.

Unsteady of his feet, he ambles to his mother

her cries echoing through the valley –

carrying that sound like some heavy burden.

From the verandah, I hear the shaking of wooden spoons in pots.

It’s time for breakfast – sweet, sticky black rice.

8 thoughts on “New year pastoral

    1. Thank you, lovely! It’s not a new poem, but I wanted to post it all the same. I’ve been writing a five part love-lust poem today and I’m hoping editor will want it for this anthology I’m being published in this year – exciting stuff 😀 And speaking of work life balance – I’m just on my way out for my afternoon walk. Big love from across the pond XO

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  1. Hi Carly Lea sent me over. What a fantastic piece. My husband works on the dairy farm and we live in one of the farm houses. I sit on my deck and talk to the cows each morn. These words are a perfect painting of a morning at the farm. Nice to me you through the lovely Lea.


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