Bravo maestro!

If you’ve never seen the film, ‘The Mission’, do yourself a favour and find it. Moreover, if you’ve never tickled your ears with the soundtrack – go and buy the damn thing. This rendition of Ennio Morricone conjuring and commanding the main theme of ‘The Mission’ never fails to move me to tears. The power in every section of the orchestra is mind-blowing, and it is every shade of majestic and magical.

It never fails to assault every one of my senses, making me hyperaware of taste, smell, sight, sound, touch and memory. Perhaps it’s the brevity of the choir that truly brings me to the edge. But I think it may be everything.

‘The Mission’ is one of my sovereign themes, and being a former cellist, I play Yo-Yo Ma’s renditions of Morricone, like this one of ‘Playing Love’* at least twice a week as well as the video of ‘The Mission’ most days. It may overwhelm my senses, but that’s more reason to make me feel alive. Zoetic and just so here.

* this YouTube link provides the playlist of Yo-Yo Ma playing Morricone in its entirety. You can thank me later 😉 Also, the links can be hard to see, but if you look carefully, they’re in blue.

5 thoughts on “Bravo maestro!

  1. Carly, it sounds incredible. Unfortunately, it shall have to wait. The plug-ins are all blocked and the Word application freezes until it is not really useable. I’m afraid it isn’t good news for my computer. However, I shall add it to the list.
    A cellist, your list of creative talents is endless and you never fail to amaze me. XOXO


    1. You’ve been having problems for yonks with your computer – I hope you get it sorted soon so you can listen to the to the magic. I’m more of a has been cellist – I only just sold it too … Would love to play again. One day XO


      1. I’m afraid this computer may not be working much longer. The word application keeps freezing up and I lose what I am working on. This really doesn’t make one want to sit and write… Yes, the screaming you heard was me! 😉 XO


  2. Really good stuff! It’s hard to go wrong with Yo Yo Ma. His CD set of the Bach cello suites is one of my all-time favorites.


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