Learning to Die: my TEDx talk

Yesterday my TEDx talk went live on TEDx Brisbane’s YouTube channel, and I’ve had an almost overwhelming response about speaking about my life (and deaths), and my beliefs and truths about death and dying. Here it is – Learning to Die.

I’ve been bathing in the beautiful waters of Death Walking training over the last two days, the last of which is today, and being able to come together with other ‘deathies’ has been such a gift; so serendipitous in its timing. When I looked at my phone at morning tea, I couldn’t understand why I had a flurry of messages, though it soon registered when friends and strangers alike were reaching out to congratulate me. Mission accomplished! And so here it is. It’s been released to the the world, and it’s there for people to do with it as they wish.

So make yourself a cuppa or an espresso or whatever your poison is and sit down to hear what I have to say. And please – let me know what you think. Comment, share, repost. I’m feeling happy and grateful that my words can be heard should you so desire to listen, and if just one person walks away – or leaves their desk or kitchen table – a little more fluent in the language of death, then my work here is done. Peace.

18 thoughts on “Learning to Die: my TEDx talk

  1. I only just discovered your blog today and I’ll definitely be back. What exactly is a ‘deathie’? Is it someone who’s almost died like you? Or someone who works with death? Or both? What a fascinating life you’ve led… I’m also always stoked to find other blogging Carlys out there. x


    1. Another Carly! I’ve met another RAD Carly in the last year – there should be more of us in the world 😉 To answer your question, a ‘deathie’ is someone who is interested in all things death. I’m a certified deathie. Or you know – certifiable. One of the two 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and commenting – really appreciate it. I’m off to check out your blog now XOXO


    1. Really?! Worlds collide … bless the bloody internet 🙂 And OMG – you created Smaggle, you clever thing, you! That is effing rad 🙂 Have you got a blog FB page too? XOXO


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