TEDx – the lovers, the dreamers and me …

So things have really ramped up for Sunday’s TEDx event. Because I’ve only had three weeks to prepare (the usual turn around time from being asked to speak and actually speaking is six weeks, but I was a late inclusion – thank you for asking me, TEDx!) sleep has been elusive and nerves a little frayed, though that was stoppered yesterday when I learned I could have a lectern to put my notes on. Some people have had the luxury of having three to four months to prepare, but I think that amount of time would be harder to cope with because it’s so drawn out.

I’ve tried to commit an 18 minute speech to memory in two weeks, and I have to say, it’s not easy. Just when you think you have it together, you say ‘fuck’, and glance at your notes (again) Well, that’s how I’ve been doing it, anyway … I’ve done a lot of public speaking over the years, but it’s never been broadcast to the world via YouTube.

I LOVE that the theme for this year is ‘the lovers, the dreamers and me’. I want to just kiss it through the floor! Looking at the lineup, the theme resonates even more richly, and I have to say that I believe that each of us is all three – I know I am 🙂 We even have our own water bottles, because talking is thirsty work!


My beautiful sister posted the following photo on Instagram this morning, and I’ve had so many well wishers/wishes, which has made me feel a bit spesh and less nervous, and I’ve managed to churn my nervous energy into excitement and am looking so forward to sharing my story with you and the rest of the world if they so care to listen. Love to all 🙂


3 thoughts on “TEDx – the lovers, the dreamers and me …

  1. Carly, they won’t know what hit them when you take the stage! I know you will shine and you will be in my thoughts! Pity the poor speakers who must follow you as you are a Class Act all the way! When you post the link I will get to my friends house so I can see it on their computer until I get my own working properly. I am so excited for you and for millions of others to find out what those of us who love you already know! xoxo


    1. You’re SUCH a sweetie, Lea! I felt my legs shaking today when I was at rehearsal … I’m hoping to turn that nervous energy into excitement come tomorrow! I’m just going to do the best I possibly can and hope that people resonate. Thanks for being such great support! XOXO

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      1. Carly, you will bowl them over and if there isn’t a standing ovation, I won’t think much of the crowd. I know you will be amazing.
        I’ve often heard that many of the top celebrities get extremely nervous and they are not armed with the great material you have and they certainly are not YOU! You will WOW them!XOXO


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