A matter of choice

I wanna stay up all night and do you like a drug.

I’d take morphine.

But I like pethidine better,

‘cept you only get that shit on maternity wards now

for cracked breasts and broken cunts.


But what about my broken cunt when it was broken?

It’d been peeled like a grape and all I got 

was morphine, ketamine and a stinking coma;

mind dredging terrors about humpy’s, beauty creams and The Piano,

then five shots of Narcan 

to pull me out of the in-between (six resps a minute, thankyouverymuch)

‘cos I’m a good non-overdoser – 

I like to stay breathing,

‘cos I don’t do cushy shit like coke (fairy dust for beginners).

I’ll stick with the injectables.

8 thoughts on “A matter of choice

  1. Wow Carly! As for the morphine, my only experience with it was last year (post-op) and I am happy to leave it to others. Asbestos glasses would have been on a warning with those words you really have a powerful bite! That is one of your many charms! I really loved it.


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