From my balcony

Autumn has finally arrived (you took your sweet time, mother nature!), and Brisbane has been having some marvellous sunsets. I’m all for sharing the beauty 



To the west …




Just this afternoon …


And this is how autumn makes me feel … free, happy, calm and heart-centred (between the health glitches). Love the season you’re in 




19 thoughts on “From my balcony

    1. Didn’t it just? Now bring on winter, or you know, as ‘cold’ as winter gets in Brisbane 😉 Off to Adelaide next week, so I’ll be foraging for gloves and coats! xoxo


  1. Absolutely! Love the season your in! Your photos are stunning but we are mid spring here and for me, my favourite season is just around the corner. The hardest one for me to befriend has always been winter as I hate being cold! I try to focus on the delights of each season… 🙂 xoxo


    1. I LOVE getting all snuggly in the cold 🙂 I’m not a great lover of summer, but I think it’s my C.F that’s so averse to the hot weather. But you’re right – every season has its own delights, and right now, I’m in love! xoxo


      1. As the weather warms here, I too am in love and head straight for the sea! I am really a Selkie at heart and if you don’t know the legend of the Selkie, you are in for a treat! You can google them. xoxo


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