Best news EVER *fist pumps*

This statement from ‘Keep Our Doctors’ was issued this afternoon. The news couldn’t come at a better time! #fistpumpsthefuckouttatheair

 After days of intense negotiations with the Queensland Government, we’ve finally got an agreement on doctors’ contracts that we are happy to put to the state’s doctors to vote on.

This is a huge moment in the campaign – and it’s all thanks to your commitment.

This time last week, the Queensland Government was completely ruling out further negotiations and as a result, doctors were forced into the unfortunate position of planning for resignations. 

The impact that would have had on the state’s public health system would have been devastating.

Doctors didn’t want to leave, but they also knew that couldn’t sign up to a contract knowing that by doing so, they were agreeing to put you and other Queenslanders at risk.

But the pressure you and other supporters put on the State Government to return to the negotiating table worked.

Recent polling showed that almost 80 per cent of the Queensland public were behind the doctors in the campaign to protect the public health system. And it showed.

The Premier and Health Minister were flooded with emails calling on them to negotiate a fair deal; local MPs had visits from concerned residents worried about the impact the Government’s actions would have on their local hospital; letters to the editor were written; petitions were signed and rallies were held.

We haven’t reached a complete resolution just yet – doctors are meeting tonight in Brisbane to hear the detail of the contracts before they’ll vote on whether to accept them in the coming weeks. But it’s the closest we’ve been. And it’s thanks to you.

The Queensland community has stood strong behind our doctors because you know how important it is that our public health system is staffed with world-class doctors.

You wouldn’t let the State Government force our top doctors to leave the state, and the state’s doctors weren’t going let you down by walking away without a fight.

We’ve still got a ways to go, but resignations are currently off the table.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens at the meeting tonight, but in the meantime – thank you.

The Keep Our Doctors team

7 thoughts on “Best news EVER *fist pumps*

    1. I only wish I could have done more, Lea. The people who have fought for our brilliant docs deserve all the credit – they have simply been amazing. Hopefully the government will keep our doctors employed the way they should be. I have everything crossed* xoxo

      *doesn’t guarantee my legs 😛


      1. Don’t underestimate yourself. Anyone who hears you speak or reads your words would be moved into action. Perhaps you may never know your true impact?
        Fingers and eyes crossed here as for the legs… that is a given! 🙂 xoxo


      2. I need to echo to you what you’ve just said to me. I know you make an impact on me with your stories, and I would so dearly love to meet and hug you one day. You rock xoxo


      3. Merci beaucoup! I would dearly love to meet you face-to-face. You always have a room here in the south of France. Keep on singing, writing, speaking… xoxo


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