A protest to protect my LIFE – tomorrow night

A protest to protect my LIFE – tomorrow night

This is really fucking urgent. Tomorrow night, I’m going to do my damndest to be at the Convention Centre in Brisbane to fight for my doctors; to ensure that they are there for me and the thousands of other people they save day in, day out in an already messed up system. I am more than frightened. I am terrified due to the Queensland governments stupid fucking ludicrous new policies (yet to be implemented; hopefully never will be), my life is at risk, as are the lives of my friends who have had transplants, and people in the rest of the state who have both chronic and acute illnesses. In a nutshell, this is what’s happening (from the ‘Keep our Doctors’ website)

‘The Queensland Government is attempting to push the state’s doctors onto individual contracts that could force our most senior doctors out of the public health system.

The contracts would strip away vital working conditions like many significant provisions relating to fatigue management and allow doctors to be dismissed at any time for no reason. 

The loss of senior doctors will have a huge impact on the quality of care in Queensland’s public hospitals including:

  • longer waits in emergency departments
  • longer waiting lists for surgery
  • the loss of training for the next generation of doctors – I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?* 

Leaving the Queensland public health system is not a decision that no doctor would take lightly, but the government’s push to downgrade conditions will force our doctors’ hands. It’s our specialists in the firing line – those who run emergency departments, provide world best care and train the next generation of doctors coming into the Queensland system.’

If these individual contracts pass through parliament, Queensland will have NO teaching hospitals, so junior doctors basically have no future in our state. I will be treated by doctors who have little to no experience in lung transplantation, and this concerns me greatly. In fact, I’m terrified that we’ll no longer have the quality and continuity of care we now have, and are extremely grateful for.

If you can, please come along tomorrow night. I’ll be the one screaming expletives at government representatives!

* that may not be on the website though perhaps it should be.

10 thoughts on “A protest to protect my LIFE – tomorrow night

    1. I pity the person who ever tries to shut me up … I didn’t get to the meeting – one of those shit shit shit days where I’m all emo exhausted and up to my head in study -_- I’m just so happy the government have backed the fuck down! xoxo


      1. The ONLY reason they backed down is not because it is the RIGHT thing to do but because of all you who speak out! I have no doubts about your commitment and anyone who does, does so at their peril! xoxo


      2. You’re right. They had no choice but to back down and start being reasonable. Dickheads. Thank goodness everyone came to the fore when it was needed. Hooray for people power!! xoxo


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