Destination reached

Here are a few shots I took today when I arrived on the property. The garden is dedicated to my friend Meagan Walker and on Sunday (Father’s Day), a big and rambunctious group of us will congregate at the Longreach train station from where we will walk 11km to Meagan’s Aunt Midge’s house to celebrate Meagan’s far too short life. Midge instigated the inaugural mini-marathon many years ago and I’m so happy to be here for it (my second).

There are pellets of words barreling through my head and heart right now, so I’ll give you some visuals instead.

Boots on the dash …









The leaning Weeping Willow just where Meagan’s granite boulder is has new growth, even with a split trunk. You can just see Meagan’s stone behind it on the left, which has also moved.









The arbour. At least 70 years old.









A tree Katrina (Meag’s older sister) and I transplanted quite a few years ago, has grown into a beauty, considering the spindly little thing it was. So proud!!









New water feature.









And I saved the best for last – digging my feet into the ochre earth. Feeling energised already.


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