So yesterday was an ordinary day. Except that it was amazing. I was up at sparrows, caught up with a couple of girlfriends where I had chocolate fudge cake for breakfast (thank you, Larissa – baking champion!), I finished packing up the car for my trip down to the farm so I can head to the Byron Bay writers festival today and over the weekend; had a heavenly morning tea and brain storming session with my beautiful sister, then I hotfooted it over to a dear friends place to meet his and his fiancés baby boy.

Now this was special, because I was bestowed the honour of being one of Nicholas’s ‘ninangs’ (godparent in Filipino), where with some very dear friends and my mum gathered to share the yummiest of lunches as we ogled young Nicholas. He’s a beauty! Here’s Bec (also scrumptious) and I with bub just before lunch was served. He’s so gorgeous we wanted to have him for dessert!


After lunch, I jumped in my car and made the drive to my friends farm where I was greeted by two very excitable pups, a roaring fire, tea and hugs. And this is how I ended my night (cuppa and pups not in frame).


So why was today so extraordinary? It was normal. I wasn’t plagued by pain or headaches, I had energy that I almost didn’t know what to do with, and I got to see some of my most favourite people in the world. I met a new human being, and as we looked into each others eyes, I knew we had met before. It was as though we had reconnected, but no time had passed.

Is this how people feel most days? Full of beans and not wanting to stop because you’re afraid that if you do you won’t get up again? Like John Denver sings – ‘some days are diamonds, some days are stone.’ Yesterday was one big, fat diamond.

Now it’s time to head into Byron to be a cafe dog with Hyperactive Harry – the dog who can (and does) chew through all manner of inedible stuff that he somehow finds delicious. Leather collars, computer chargers, kindles … you name it, he’s tried to chew through it. Then it’s off to the writers fest, which has a superb line up. Hooray for the ordinary!

7 thoughts on “EXTRA-ordinary

  1. Oh what a lovely pie e of writing and living to read. I’m so happy that you have had such a wonderful day, enjoying your own good health … Hugs and love sweetness xo


  2. I do hear that. I love poetry readings but if I am called to the mic, I trip over my tongue and am in instant terror! You just don’t come across as someone who would not be in command of even the largest crowd. xo
    With all those people there, they need to hear your voice! xo


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