Really swing and shake yo pretty thing ;)

Really swing and shake yo pretty thing 😉

A sexy, hot August New York night kinda song to dance naked to. ‘Harlem’ by Bill Withers. Dare you to dance naked around your house to this … no kit, lots of sweat and Mr. Withers. Oh yeah. It’s impossible to not get up and shake to this.


13 thoughts on “Really swing and shake yo pretty thing ;)

  1. Carly, great to shake it all out… 🙂
    I lived in NYC for years and know how suffocating those hot August nights can be. The humidity takes your breath away. It wasn’t the heat but the humidity that was so unbearable.
    We have the heat here but like California’s it is dry and that I love! It is cold that I cannot bear.
    Thanks for the tunes! I will check out some of his other work. xoxo


    1. Oh Lea – it gets humid as the pits of hell where I live in Brisbane! And I’ve experienced a little of a New York summer (phwoar!). New York is positively frozen compared to Brisbane in Summer! I’m heading out west next month where I’ve been in 45 degree celsius heat, but it’s a kinder heat because it’s like Cali – really dry. Humidity is hideous.

      I’m quite fond of the cold. Before my transplant, I always found it easier to breathe in winter 🙂 I love rugging up in coats and scarves (I have quite the collection – you’d be proud!) and boots, but it does get tiresome taking off your layers when you go somewhere and then putting them back on.

      I adore Bill Withers – his voice is so raw and salty 🙂 xoxo


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