Follow ‘chasing away salt water’ on Facebook

Follow ‘chasing away salt water’ on Facebook

Facecrack. Facebook – some would argue a necessary evil. While I don’t have a ‘personal’ page on Facebook, I do have a blog page called ‘chasing away salt water’ you can follow at your peril leisure. There’s collections of thoughts, photos, super gruesome videos (check the latest – it’s me in ICU having a central line sewn into my chest – GIDDY UP!!).

Blessings and peace ♥

2 thoughts on “Follow ‘chasing away salt water’ on Facebook

  1. Carly, I shall try to check it out. I am not on facebook (prefer facecrack!). I know anything from your “poison pen” is well worth a read. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Not wanting to sign on with facebook, I shall leave my comment here. Nice gown, a Dior original? It looks like a great blog despite being on facebook. 🙂 It has to, look who writes it. 🙂 xoxo

    Bert is a trusting soul!

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