My soul sista ♥

Cauldrons and Cupcakes and my soul sista Nic ♥

Both Nic and I were well enough (for a short time, anyway) to share breakfast together on Sunday morning. The photo below sums up our friendship so damn perfectly, I could cry. And that’s just it – we laugh and we cry, and everything in between. I am truly blessed to have Nic in my life.

Nic writes possibly the best blog in the world, so go and check it out 🙂 We’re both having tests today that could be life altering, so all of my love is with her and me and all the souls who are always fighting for their health [insert masses of love hearts here – like a *gazillion*]


11 thoughts on “My soul sista ♥

  1. sending you loads of LOVE, and FRIENDSHIP Carly… and prayers for your HEALTH…. may your tests reveal only GOOD news. From your very UNRELIABLE (refer to Nicoles blog on unreliable friends!) friend, Mary. xxx


  2. I said it over there and will say it here too – that pic of you both is absolutely gorgeous. You are both radiating such love you’re both glowing (unless there is some radioactive spider bites you pair have been undertaking in a radical attempt with your health). It’s so very much what I see within you both (having been able to meet the lovely Nic in the flesh finally lol).

    May you both get answers in the best positive way. Sending deep ju-ju loving and healing vibes from yet another unreliable friend. xoxo


    1. SO stoked you finally got to meet each other! That makes me smile from my face to my feet 😀 Answers will come and I know they’re going to be positive ones, too xoxo




    1. How does one say ‘mwahh!’ in French? MWAHH!!!!!! I know you’ve been so sick of late, dear friend. Know that you are loved and thought of often. With big hearted love from across the pond xoxo


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