Bottles, bottles everywhere and not a drop to drink …

So as I wrote in my last post, I’ve been a little unwell, but I’m home. And home is where the cider is … I mean HEART! But you know … priorities.


I had a celebratory sip of cider (I will not be drinking during IV treatment, even though I used to infuse my antibiotics when I was out in the Valley and absolutely munted – pre-transplant, obviously)

I’m on a reasonably punishing antibiotic regime – eight IV’s a day, and within these marvellous little bottles called Baxter packs/bottles (it really is just like a babies bottle, or ‘bo-bok’ as my nephew used to call them when he was a wee bub), this infusion is a slow release antibiotic and I just change the bottle every 24 hours. It’s because of these bottles that I get to do my three IV antibiotics at home (one ‘push’ with a 20ml syringe over 10-15 minutes, another once a day with the IMED machine pictured above with the cider as well as Β the bo-boks). So basically, I’m in a relationship with my bo-boks. I love them. I can go to brekkie with a friend tomorrow morning because they exist (I might share some – she’s not well, either) where we could do this …


Or I could put my ‘this is serious shit’ face on and have a coffee instead …


I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. They always make me laugh and feel better and now I can laugh and not be in pain because my lungs aren’t rubbing together anymore. Pleurisy, eh? What a nasty whore she is.

8 thoughts on “Bottles, bottles everywhere and not a drop to drink …

  1. *looks up at the lovefest and grins widely*. Nawww, so cute & seriously happy you two have each other.

    Ya know there are easier ways to get out of kawfee right? πŸ˜‰ Once you are more on your feet (& my brain stops ‘sploding). Us. Coffee. (Or….Tea – it can happen).

    Sooooooooo happy you can do drugs at home. Oh, didn’t that just out wrong…or not πŸ˜‰ Hugs xoxo


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