something like …

It is the ninth day of the first month of the year, yet I still don’t feel present. I need something to jolt me back into life. Something thrilling and startling (a trip to Dreamworld just isn’t going to cut it). Something like …

– jumping out of a plane (again)

– base jumping

– a horse gallop on the beach

– a fast – really fast – drive (race track speeds, preferably on a race track)

– abseiling down a mountain

– jumping out of a helicopter (there’s a theme emerging, I know)

– a tussle with the sea

– a wrestle with another human

– a European luge

Something – anything – to get my self back. It’s as though every piece of epinephrine has been whittled away by what has happened over the last couple of months. I need to be be unnerved. I am so far away from who I am it’s unnerving. Unnerving, but it is still not enough.

16 thoughts on “something like …

  1. What about a wrestle in the sea somewhere in Europe? That, Miss CJ, I can help with…

    May you find your way back soon to being present and start writing more of your fabeeularse poetry xo


    1. My dearest T.A … I do believe Italy is on my travel menu for this year, so I’m thinking jumping off old bridges, a wrestle with a hot Italian in the sea and then perhaps a Frenchman would do the trick. I look forward to seeing you! I can’t come to Europe and not visit you or my best friend who has moved to the Netherlands. I cannot wait xoxo


  2. That sux honey … Will a rendezvous with this little black duck help in any way? I have a car, I have a license, I have a free weekend!!! Love you sweetness, am always here … I could randomly push you off objects oooooorrrrrr even better go out in public with you, raise my hands and scream “who just touched my girl, come on I dare you to try me!” Just a few ideas πŸ˜€ xoxo


    1. Noooo, it doesn’t suck at all! I feel blessed to know what I need. You are *hilarious*, my love πŸ™‚ Yes – we must catch up, but this weekend is chockas … I’ll be in touch xoxo


      1. Now you’re talking πŸ™‚ I have this long winded fantasy about riding a horse on the beach, taking it into the water for a bit of a play and then riding it full throttle on the sand, just near the shoreline. I even have the soundtrack planned and everything! xoxo


      1. We have some amazing bridges here. Check out Pont du Gard and The Millau!!!
        Kite surfing doesn’t really fit the theme but you feel like you are flying! πŸ™‚


  3. how bout i dress up as the boogieman and start chasing you around the streets of highgate hill when you get home?
    and if I catch you,you’ve gotta let me pull out one of your teeth with some pliers?
    or how bout letting me visit and give you a major new hair cut&colour?


    1. Sounds terrifying, but slightly up my alley πŸ˜‰ We can do zombie/corpse face together! Ant, you’re such a sweetheart – I would love to see you (I emailed you this morning) and hug you xoxo


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