Poem in Cordite Poetry Review

As promised, here is the link to my poem in the latest Cordite Poetry Review. Cordite’s guest poetry editor for ‘Interlocutor’ is prolifically gifted poet Libby Hart, who has been extensively published. Add poetry prizes, grants, fellowships and residencies to the mix and you can gather some idea of Libby’s handsome collection of writing. Here is a snippet of her editorial:

‘Poetry can act much in the same way. It beavers away quietly and then, when it’s ready, it perks up and listens. It sits up and wants to speak. Poetry can be shrill like a boorish woman. It can be mean like a stray cat in the alley. It can be tired, unwanted and looking for a bite to eat, much like the man who came by here last Sunday afternoon. It can be gentle and polite or layered as an onion. Or an opinion. Whatever poetry may be, it has personality. It has a voice that speaks endlessly of the world and how we experience it. And although I write ‘voice’, I mean voices. I mean diversity. I mean array.’

‘Interlocutor’ floods its readers with all manner of outstanding prose, reviews, critique, interviews and even recordings. Now, finally – here’s the link to ‘After Janus’. Enjoy!


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