West End Magazine

And so the winter edition of the über glossy West End magazine has gone to print and is madly circulating. On pages 24-25 (yes, a SPREAD), you’ll find a feature about my journey thus far. It’s impeccably written, so I’m told and the magazine is a publication that celebrates all things South Brisbane – culture, people, food, fashion and local business. I’m honoured that I’m  a part of this edition which is their biggest yet. My good friend and kick arse photographer, Torsten Baumann snapped the colour images, while the black and white photo of my sister and I saying goodbye before I went to theatre for my transplant is by the indomitable Alicia Alit-Trevatt. Here is Tor’s photo essay about me from earlier in the month.

You can pick up a copy of West End Magazine around South Brisbane haunts or buy it at a newsagent. Ever since I moved to 4101, I’ve always looked forward to reading this magazine – it really is luscious.

Oh wait – here it is! 

Here’s my contributor photo. Hunt down a copy, have a coffee and enjoy!

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