a fine education

I want to find a body; learn it like a map.

Bones, skin, veins – all leading to a midpoint,

with a laconic walk to the core on a trail nobody knows about.

The elegant curvature of clavicles pushing through skin

then a dutiful SNAP.


Common chunks of bone, hanging with meniscus and snapped nerves

like the blade of a butcher’s knife.

I want to name insects that I sight.

I want to drift on indifference, just so you look at me with your

letterbox slits of eyes and cat’s asshole of a mouth.




I want to scatter your stones on a pock-marked riverbed

where all you have is knots of bird shit for company.

I will:

cut down your teeth,

strip your skin of oil,

strap your ugly mouth so you stay silent forever.


I will:

sew your hands together so you cannot pray,

and when you try, your palms will breed blisters,

that will pulse and weep with your sour juice.


Like the cutting of a quick,

you will be a blood filled gap

where something important used to be.

2 thoughts on “a fine education

  1. You get beyond the flesh. Right to the bone and beyond, and smear it all in the unclean.

    I love the way you have the guts to do this. Reminds me of my latest in a way.

    Donne too saw the body as map (“O my America!”) but yours is of the street-body, with all its blisters.


    1. Gosh you know how to make a girl feel good. The intention was to get ‘beyond the flesh’, as you so finely put it. Brave or stupid – I’m yet to work that out 🙂 *goes straight to your blog*. Cheers, MJD x


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