C.I.P – chapbook in progress

How do you choose from ten thousand words of poetry and prose that will be printed into a 36 page chapbook? #fuckyeahpoetrylearningcurve#

Dilemma/quandary/mission impossible.

Somewhere on my lounge room floor is a rug that I can only just see because my floor is covered in paper, index cards, books and serviettes which are bursting with words (and Birkenstocks – what?)

I have to mine through what I’ve written over the last five months and skim the cream of the crap. I mean crop 🙂 Oh, dear …


6 thoughts on “C.I.P – chapbook in progress

  1. Just a suggestion, but with my first chapbook, I assembled a few good friends (who also write) and we sifted together. Sometimes it helps to share the burden and with a nice bottle of red wine can also further the bonding process! 🙂 It was fun.


      1. Oooh yes please … That would most definitely thrill me to bits … P.s. I’m on holidays for an extra week after Frankie goes back to work after the honeymoon … just things to think about 😉


  2. Sounds like a fun night……..wish I could be there……….well, I’ll be with you in spirit! You certainly have a lot of wonderful work from which to choose, darlin!


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