Poetry Warfare month at Blackstar

It’s war. It really is. I’m waging war with words and a whole lot of verse, but it’s only friendly fire. The idea is that I’ll be writing at least a couple of hundred words of poetry every day for the duration of April. I’m also planning to poetry bomb Blackstar – that’s right; poetry everywhere!

Hopefully the staff will let me dangle poetry off them. Only one question remains – will the customers let me do them same to them? Remember, all is fair in love and war. And this is a war of words.

Blackstar Coffee: 44 Thomas Street, West End 🙂 Please get in touch if you’d like to catch up for a coffee!


4 thoughts on “Poetry Warfare month at Blackstar

    1. Not exactly poetry bombs – I think they’ve been done before 🙂 It’s more like hunting people down to stick poetry on them (hope they don’t mind …) Thanks for the encouragement, Mr. Nunn!


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