finders keepers

Climb a mountain, sink to the sea –

all in search of you.

I scratched my feet on rocks this morning –

didn’t see them with the sunlight shadow boxes over my toes.

Knowing where you hide and where to find you

not unlike nursing a rattlesnake – fingering it’s scales, wanting to pop them off one by one.

I have found I’ve lost myself as much as I’ve lost you

in this crushing love – barreled chest caving in from a thicket of silence –

and the lack of you.

Stains of you tarnish my eyes – that rattlesnake back on top of my brain, scoring it –

invisible weals inside my spirit cannot float.

Instead, they are pasted on like poorly mixed plaster.

The spirit should not be still,

while mine sits in quietude

in a garden where sticks lay split with inaffection.

And there you are, having kicked through brambles, rolled through

dried seeds and rotting fruit like that dying apple everyone has bitten into.

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