our hospital system

All the hospitals.

All their patients who think they’re in hotels.

All the patients who feel like they’re in jail.

All those days not remembered.

All the unchanged beds.

All the dirty pillowcases.

All the trays of cold food and curdled tea.

All the bedpans in bathrooms, waiting to be emptied.

All the unanswered alarms.

All the wet sheets.

All the sad, heavy and stinking flowers.

All the shit on the walls.

All the overwrought workers.

All the underpaid nurses expected to parent the sick

tells me something is wrong

2 thoughts on “our hospital system

  1. This makes my fat heart ache with the wrongness of it all…
    If only all of the politicians and the bureaucrats could spend a week or two afraid, sick and neglected in a minimally-staffed hospital ward. Except that our nurses and poor exhausted registrars have enough shit to deal with, and are already so woefully understaffed and under-appreciated.


    1. That’s just it – the fear, the uncertainty and neglected when our nurses, doctors and allied health are trying their best to help their patients and get them healthy and out of hospital – totally different to discarding people like so many hospitals are wont (and forced) to do. It’s a sad state of affairs.


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