the month of love, lust and craziness

Welcome to February – the month of love [insert pretty love heart here]. What’s not to love about love? My favourite dirty old man, Bukowski wrote grandly about love –

‘Love is all right for those who can handle the psychic overload. It’s like trying to carry a full garbage can on your back over a rushing river of piss.’

Hmmmmmm. True that, but we do it all the same … Here’s a prettier love quote from the evergreen Walt Whitman –

‘In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word.’

The month of love and out-and-out lust means I’ll be hanging tags with little slices of love pencilled on them around Blackstar and writing love/lust haiku, haibun and other poetry That’s right – all pieces about love, lust, love you wish you’ve never had, the love you can’t have – the agony that is la douleur exquise; people you have to love from a distance, first love, stoned love, broken love and lust that leaves you broken, bleeding and bloodthirty.

Some people may identify themselves in these poems because I write about what I know, what I want and what I know I can’t have.

The jewel in the crown of love songs for me over the last little while is ‘Northern Wind’ by City and Colour. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with Dallas Green and am going to be his second wife.

Here, have a fap listen to Dallas …

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