poetry bombing

So I’ve semi- poetry bombed Blackstar with my little brown tags; tying them to sugar pots and putting them in other not so obvious places. I do hope the customers/friends of Blackstar enjoy them and take them home to re-stick on their fridge, rear view mirror, desk, cork board, surf board, washing line etc.

Before the lunchtime rush, I surreptitiously moved through the café with tags in hand. A lovely lady introduced herself as I tied a tag onto her tables sugar pot and we had a chat – I hope to see her again. Not long after my mate and esteemed poet Samuel Wagan Watson arrived, the lunch crowd moved in like a human tsunami and mid-conversation, I’d say to Sam, ‘they’re picking them up and reading them,’ which we got a bit excited about, because there are tonnes of people who haven’t had the reverie shaken out of them with poetry. As it turns out, people were saying very kind things about my words and that  made my day. So … come down and see me some time …


tags on sugar pots
me @ your service

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