poetry notes

I had to order STATIONERY this week, which means I now have lovely brown tags with handwritten poetry on them. Surely this means I’ve made it? Ah, nup … I am merely a baby gnat in a creepy jungle of poets (not saying that all poets are creepy*)

BUT my brown tags are gonna look freakin’ rad hanging off bottles and dangling from doors and tables. Maybe I can plant some on the customer folk? Double dare me? OK-AH!!!!


* I am may be lying about this.

2 thoughts on “poetry notes

  1. Oh I triple dare you my dear. I have been writing so much lately, with a big huge helping of encouragement and inspiration from you and your own writing … Will have to sneak down to your coffee joint and steal some of these fabulous brown tags 😀
    On a side note … I go all goey for stationary … most dangerous shopping for me that exists … well that and the bookshop, lol


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